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Welcome to TTM Solutions, where we will help wire you into the future.  We look forward to working with you to meet your needs and help grow your business. 





Working with Vertiv, one of the premier power companies in the United States we completed a two year project with Dalton Utilities.  Installing new PDUS, batteries, and rectifiers. It entailed redesigning all of their power, upgrading the system to incorporate what they needed, and bringing in portable power as a back up. Made it a priority to customize a plan to fit their needs. 


VFP Shelter

Newport Utilities was looking to purchase a prefabricated outdoor equipment shelter with pre-installed equipment to house network electronics required to support the Smart Grid network in multiple locations.  Working with VFP, we were able to provide a concrete building solution that met Federal, State and Local requirements as well as keeping their network infrastructure safe.   



Ringgold was in search of a DDI virtual software that would help control, secure and analyze their mid size network.  Infoblox was the cybersecurity solution that fit Ringgolds needs as well as protect their network.

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