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Meet the stories behind TTM Solutions.  Our team has been strategically molded to meet the needs of our current customers and continue to strive to meet the needs of future customers.  We bring the future of FTTH to your door step. 

Bob Freeman
President and CEO
Sarah Raymond
Account Manager

TTM Solutions was founded by Bob Freeman in 2003. Its founding was the culmination of many years in both the electrical and networking industry and a desire to work more closely with customers.


Starting in the electrical business as a manufacturer’s rep in Florida, Freeman Associates was a well-known and highly regarded firm that represented the larger line companies in the electrical industry such as CERRO, Phillips lighting, Advance Transformer, Fluke and Pirelli.


Today, TTM Solutions functions as a reseller for some of the most highly regarded manufacturer’s in our industry. We have a focus on the burgeoning FTTH Broadband industry. TTM Solutions currently has secure business relationships with over 15 municipal utilities in the southeast. Products include fiber, multi-conductor cable, transport/closure equipment, surge equipment, UPS’s, batteries as well as video equipment used in the head end. In addition, we carry test gear and splicers to help in both installation and repair.


We are focused on accommodating your needs whether they be manufacturer specific or looking to find a product set that fits your budget. Along with our competitors, we can offer you access to products both active and passive CPE, power and transport. Our knowledge and expertise, along with focused customer service, set us apart from the rest of our competition. We pride ourselves on offering a wide breadth of product from some of the most highly regarded manufacturer’s in the industry while not always breaking the budget.


Given the years most recent health concerns, we understand that the “shaking hands” introduction may not be preferred at this time. That is why we have set ourselves up with platforms that will bridge that temporary gap if need be but still allow for the interaction we strive for to set ourselves apart from the competition.

Lonnie Lockner
Julia Smith
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